Monthly Update – August, 2019


Well hello there!

Cheesy opening? Maybe, but damn if I’m not excited! We are now two weeks away from opening general submissions for the first issue of the Citadel! Wow, I can’t believe I just said that.


Ok….I’m good. Now this is our very first monthly update! And today I just want to reiterate some of our submission guidelines, contributor pay rates, our Patreon account for fundraising and a couple of quick questions and answers.

Submission Guidelines:

The Citadel, in earnest, wants to build a readership that isn’t devoted to a simple niche market. In fact, we love all types of literature and we want to express that love by opening general submissions to the wide breadth of fiction that falls under the umbrellas that are Fantasy, Literary as well as Science Fiction.

In essence, we want you to show us your love of literature. Be poetic, be brave, be daring, be dramatic, be unique and most importantly – don’t be afraid to bend the rules.

However; remember, the Citadel is ran by a one man crew and thus we need to make sure we adhere to word count limits.

Fiction should rest comfortably somewhere between 1,500 and 3,500 words. A little over is OK. If you’ve hit 4,000 words – you’ve gone too far.
Book Reviews must be in the aforementioned categories of Fantasy, Literary or Science Fiction, must have been published within the past year and should rest somewhere between 2,500 and 4,000 words.
Articles / Essays should rest somewhere between 3,500 and 6,000 words.
Contributor Pay Rates:

Everyone deserves to be paid for their work. Everybody. And the Citadel takes a strong stance on never publishing original work in our magazine without having paid for it.

Our contributor pay rates are as follows:

Fiction submissions are paid a flat rate of 75$

Articles and Essays are paid a flat rate of 50$

Book Reviews are paid a flat rate of 25$

Art Submissions are paid a flat rate of 25$

We understand our pay rates are below current market value and do NOT qualify for SFWA markets. In the future it is our sincere hope to have the ability to raise our pay rates to professional levels.


It’s difficult enough running a successful magazine and it’s harder still to do so without fundraising. Please consider becoming a patron of our wonderful little magazine that both keeps us running for many years to come but also allows us to bump our pay rates to professional levels.

You can find out more about our Patreon here:

Citadel Patreon





How often will you be publishing?


We currently have a publishing schedule of twice per year beginning in the Spring of 2020 and again in the Fall of the same year.


Is the site,, the magazine where my work will be published?


Glad you asked! And no, allows us to cultivate and share some of the best literary news, book reviews and interviews from amazing sources including Lit Hub, Storgy, as well as original work with express consent from our paid contributors. All shared articles / reviews are shared “as is” with all credit directed to the original owner. does not host advertisers and does not make a profit from sharing the aforementioned articles.

The published magazine will be made public twice per year with both original content and paid contributor works in fiction, articles, essays, original art and reviews of literature. The Citadel is developed by Christopher Ryan through the use of Adobe In-Design.


How long are my works kept by the Citadel?


The Citadel pays its contributors for the right to host their work in the most current issue of the Citadel as well as for one year with the right to place selected works into yearly anthologies. After a one year period – the rights revert to the original owner.


That’s it for our first monthly update! I’m beyond excited for the future and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be publishing soon!


-Managing Editor

-Christopher Ryan

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