Monthly Update – September 2019

Well we made it, general submissions are finally open and underway and you guys have not disappointed. We have been reading so much wonderful fiction lately it makes us giddy with excitement so please keep them coming for the next month!

Beyond all the truly fantastic submissions we’ve received we’re also excited…nervous…wary?…definitely wary about launching our first ever Year One Kickstarter to help us cover the costs of paying our contributors. So, what does this mean for all lovely readers? Swag of course!

Not only will our backers have the opportunity to help us grow beyond our first year but they’ll also be able to score some pretty neat merchandise including hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, canvas prints and more from our Read More Fiction campaign on Teespring. If, however; you simply just want to order yourself some swag and support our endeavors that way, you can do so by following this link:

Read More Fiction Tee-spring Campaign.

Seriously guys, we here at the Citadel couldn’t keep doing what we’re trying to do without all your support, love and acceptance. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. If you can’t support our endeavors, we sure hope you’re able to support other amazing fiction lit magazines and there are so many of us trying to keep literature alive and in the hearts of our dear readers.

As always, keep reading for reading is good for the soul.

Thank you.

-Managing Editor

-Christopher Ryan.

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